We still need $6000 to make our

    Fringe performance and videotape possible!

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    IWWD is a community-funded project

    and with your continued support we can educate many more people --

    here in Washington DC and around the world -- on the daily realities

    of the occupation

  • 2015 IWWD Contributors

    Made possible with a generous grant from the Porter Family Foundation.


    Additional contributors: Anne Aal, Esam Aal, Karen Ackerman, Patricia Alexander, Mark Berman, Carole Burnet,

    Greg Cromwell, Rebecca Dahl, Patricia Davis, Suzanne Donsky, Anne & Jim Ewing,Ayman Fadel, Dalah Fattah,

    Barbara Finkelstein, Robin Guldin, Geraldine Haynes, Christopher Herman, Linda Houghton, Jane Jeong, Carolyn & Martin Karcher, Tom Lehman, William Matchin, Sergio Mojica, Seth Morrison, Nodie & Tunky Murphy, Julianne Nice,

    Nicole Nice, Tom & Amy Nice, Rebecca Nice, Missy O’Donovan, David Penchansky & Hend Al-Mansour, Nathan Rich,

    Sean Roach, Marguerite Rosenthal, Cathy Schneider, William Simonds, Patricia Taylor, William Uttermann, Nancy & Martin Wein, Leny Wendel, & Anonymous.